Sun. Jan 29th, 2023

As the days continue to get hotter many people would like to have central air but simply cannot afford it. A great solution to create a cooler environment within your household is to have a portable unit or standalone air conditioner. The standalone units in particular only needs minimal Windows space and can work more efficiently to cool one area of your house. Unlike the traditional Windows shakers standalone air-conditioners have become much better at their job and can cover a much wider area than just one room within the home. lg 1 ton 5 star dual inverter ac

One of the greatest benefits of the standalone cold air supply is that it is of great savings when compared to that of the central air system. Central air systems can cost thousands to install whereas a portable unit can be bought for just a few hundred dollars or a standalone room cold air supply could be covered for just a little more money than that.

These units are getting smaller and smaller each and every year and there have been great advancements in efficiency as well as the ability to churn out cold air uninterrupted using these units. A good standalone unit can be moved from one room into another as you sleep so that you can have cool air on you in whatever room that you’re in. Many of these portable cold air supplies use power from electricity outlet but there are some models that can run on battery power alone. The battery-powered units are a little more expensive than still require charging from an AC outlet but these are among some of the most efficient air conditioners available on the market today.

A good portable or stand-alone unit will only take up 12 to 18 inches in floor space and can be quite tall. This is great because you don’t have to take up an entire window within your home and only minimal floor space is needed to cool off the room. Many of these portable air conditioners also, specialized filters that can help to remove allergens from the room as they filter the air and cool it. Not only can you have a much cooler room but you can also help to remove a lot of dust from your home simply by running one of these air-conditioners in the summer.

A lot of the portable stand-alone cold air supply units also come with pre-programmable thermostats which you can run just the same as you would a central air unit. By selecting the temperature that you would like the air-conditioner to turn on at, the air-conditioner can work to reduce the temperature in the room in order to create optimal conditions for you and your family and to cool off a small space.

Not only can you have more flexible air conditioning than the portable air conditioners of the past, but having a preprogrammed thermostat can make sure that you can hold the room at a comfortable temperature and are not too hot or too cold. A standalone air conditioner could be just the solution you need to keep your home cold without having to purchase a central air system.

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